Updating Your DNS at NameCheap.com

a.    Go to the NameCheap.com home page.

b.    Enter your NameCheap.com Username and Password, and then click the Login Now link. You are now logged in to your NameCheap.com account, and you are on your home page.

c.    Click on the view link at the end of Number of domains in your account.

This will show you a list of domains names in your account. This opens Your Domains page

d.     click on the domain name you wish to manage.

This opens a new window, and you will click on the Domain Name Server Setup link at the side of the page. You can now see the current DNS settings, and these are the ones that need to be changed to the settings for prewebhost.com.

e.    Enter the new DNS settings in the boxes, and when you are done, scroll down. Click on Save Changes. A message will confirm that the servers were successfully updated.

f.     You may now click on the Log-out link in the right hand corner.

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