What is parked domain name and how to create it ?

Parked Domains means Different Domains Pointing to single domain name which is main domain name of account.

Let's say you own maindomain.com, but you also own maindomain.net, maindomain.biz, maindomain.org, etc. You want these domains to also point to your same maindomain.com site so you "Park" them to your primary site. Another classic example for Domain Parking is if you owned one domain such as maindomain.com but for marketing purposes also used other domains like maindomain.com or maindomain.com, etc. There's many good reasons for using multiple domains with a single account which is why we've made it standard on all of our accounts.

To add parked domain name.

1.    Login to your cpanel.

2.    In “Domains” section

3.    Click on “Parked domains”

4.    From ‘Create new parked domain” option you can add new domain name

5.    Place your domain name in provided text box

6.    Click on “Add domain”.

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