Updating Your DNS at 000domains.com

a.    Go to the 000domains.com home page.

b.    Enter your Domain name or Account Name and Password in the boxes, and then click the Login button. You are now logged in to your 000domains.com account. You are on the Account Management Control Panel page.

c.    Click on the My Domains link on the upper menu bar. This will open the Domains page. Click on the domain name you wish to manage. This opens the page for this domain. You can see the current DNS settings. These are the ones you are going to change. Below the Nameserver Settings, Click the Update Name Servers link.

This takes you to the Name Server Update page. Scroll down, and enter the first new nameserver you were given in your email into the box provided. Click on ADD. Scroll down again. Continue listing your new name servers, and clicking on the ADD button after each one until they are all listed. When you are done, scroll down and enter your email address to confirm the changes.

d.    Then click on Continue.

You are now at the Name Server Update Results page, and it shows that the name servers where successfully updated to the name servers of prewebhost.com. Your domain is now pointing at our servers. You can click on the Back to Domain Information Link just to be sure. You will see the new DNS settings listed.

e.    You may now click the Logout link in the upper right corner.

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