Updating Your DNS at DomainSite.com

a.    Go to the DomainSite.com home page.

b.    Click on the My Account link on the right hand side.

Enter your Username and Password in the boxes, and then click the Submit button. You are now logged in to your DomainSite.com account.

c.     Scroll down, and click on the Select button for the Manage Registered Domain Names link on the left hand side. This will open the Edit Domains page. Click on the domain name you wish to manage. This opens the page for this domain.

d.    Click on the Edit Name Servers link.

This will open a Change Name Server page for this domain name. You can see the current DNS settings, and these are the ones that need to be changed to the ones provided to you in the email
prewebhost.com sent when you opened your account.

e.    Scroll down, and enter the first DNS setting in the box provided. Now click on Add. Continue adding the DNS settings, and clicking on Add after each until you have them all entered. Now, you need to remove the old Name Servers that you no longer want by clicking on the remove link after the name. The DNS settings are now updated successfully.

f.     Scroll to the top of the page, and click on the Log Out link.

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