How To Set Up A Cron Job

To run any task, command or to execute any file automatically in repetitive time you can setup  a cron job.

To setup a cron jog :

1.    Login to your cpanel.

2.    Check for Advanced option

3.    Click on “Cron jobs”.

4.    It will show you two different options

a.    Standard

b.    Advanced

Here we will check for the Standard option

5.    Click on “Standard”

6.    This will show you the crontab interface program which includes the following options

a.    Email address :

b.    Common settings






c.    Command to run

7.    Set the email address on which you want to receive the cron job output long with minutes, hour, day month, and weekday with the command your want to set a cron to run. When it is all set click the “Add new cron tab button”.

8.    You can edit your cron, or delete it entirely by simply clicking on the delete button in the Entry box.

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