How to Create Custom Error Pages

Custom error pages allow you to hide standard error code messages like 404 not found, 403 forbidden and 500 Internal server error with 406 Bad request directly from your side and shows the message you set for particular error code. 

To create  a custom error page :

1. Login to your cpanel.

2. Check for Advanced option

3. Click on “Error pages” 

                   Here you will find list of error codes. You can select a error code you want to setup a custom message for. For ex. Select 404 Not found error. 

4. Click on 404 Not found link

5. It will show you one Editor window, here you can set your custom message. 

                    Html tags are also provided so using these tags you can create custom error page matching with your site.

6. Create your page by entering your message in editor box. 

                    For 404 error code you can set “The page you are requesting now is unavailable please visit for more details. 

7. Save the page. Now you are taken to verification page, showing that the custom error page is created. 

8. Click on back button. 

9. Click the HOME button in the upper left corner to return to the main cPanel page.

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